Will be transitioning soon

As I hinted in the last post, we are making some changes this year and want you to be in the know. Dona and her team have been assisting real estate pros for over 7 years, and now it’s time for us to refocus our efforts in more fruitful endeavors. As you might have read in our email newsletter, we are transitioning to focus on care for the family within the home.

Reasoning behind the decision

The world is changing and with sites like Zillow, real estate professionals are constantly pressured to take decisive actions. We’re chilling out. We have the right team, and the right dream to make miracles happen!

Our friend from Portland has convinced us that CBD dropshipping is the way to go in this new economy. We have the Corona Virus and other factors playing out and this seems to be the perfect opportunity for us.

As we move forward

We will always have real estate in our hearts, and will still provide the value you expect from us. Moving forward we will also showcase items that interests us and provide you value in new ways.

This is our mission and we strive to provide you value however we can.

This Decade Brings New Life

Why, hello there beautiful! This decade brings new opportunities and an abundant amount of options to pursue… if you know where to go! For years, this blog has been geared towards real estate and how to get you into the dwelling you want to be. Now, we want to help you further by assisting in making your new dwelling the best place to live your new lifestyle.

For the next several months, we’ll be featuring the lifestyle hacks that help you turn-up the volume to life, and live the best you possible.

It Starts with Being Fit

As the saying goes, “Survival of the fittest.” can be applied in today’s world, too. A fit mind, body and spirit will help you to bee the best you possible. In my opinion, there are enhancements that you can integrate today which can help you to bee the best you possible.

Fitness of Mind

We’ve heard about it for years, but this decade will see a new era of fitness of mind in the form of meditation. There is so much science about the positive aspects of meditation that the masses are starting to realize that the purpose of life can be found within. You can start by taking some healthy breaths and go deeper in your self for inner happiness.

Fitness of Body

Depending on which year you focus on body fitness, there’s always a new diet fad to consider. The problem with this, though, is that it always changes– instead, it’s nice to have consistency for a habit to build-on over time. Instead of following the diet fads and new workout routines, I’d suggest working backwards.

If you’re a woman or a man, you can benefit by considering what a fit, healthy body feels like today. Fajas — also known as shapewear — are clothing items that make your body slim down naturally. The science for shapewear fajas is increasing and as more research is released, we’re starting to get a better understanding for how fajas improve our physique.

Personally, I’ve searched all over the internet and have asked experts and most of them agree that fajas are the way to go to standardize a fit-looking body. The best fajas colombianas (which are authentic shapewear items made in Colombia) can be found online, and can provide you with a way to start at the finish (with your fit body) and work backwards.

Fitness of Spirit

The human spirit wants to be unleashed, and today we can start to acknowledge this fact and let our light shine. There are educators which speak of the science of spirit, and this decade will bring new life into the timeless wisdom of the ages. Personally, I see the consumer marketplace for CBD products to continue to increase as cannabis-infused products lift the human spirit. Though, only the future will hold specifically how new products and practices will augment our quality of life.

Decade Working Backwards

Just as you would with purchasing real estate investments, I’d urge you to take a step to work backwards from your goals this decade. When you work backwards from your goals, you can see things a bit more clearly. Consider these methods and enhance with your own styles. We’re all waiting for you to shine fully.

Unconventional Approach to Leasing Your Home Instead of Selling

AirBNB on phone

By now, you’ve likely heard of the alternative for staying in hotel rooms for a good night stay, as sites, like, AirBNB have continued to rise in popularity over the last decade.? There are now more than 2 million people staying in AirBNBs — alone (not including other short term rental sites).? The trend is only expected to rise as more people trust the crowd sourcing model, and as the market continues to develop.

Market Watch – Short Term Rentals

With the short term rental market continuing to develop, many would-be home sellers are now considering alternative options for leasing their properties rather than selling.? In the past, those types of homeowners would bee landlords and would need to wear the hat of Property Manager.? As a Property Manager, the would-be seller then would need to tackle the duties for rent payments/collections, property maintenance (and repairs), and of course, marketing the property which would include an array of similar duties such as: listing the property to attract renters, screening new renters and signing contracts.? If all went as planned, the property owner would then be able to collect ongoing payments from renters in order to receive what would bee residual ine so the renters could start paying for overhead expenses such as the mortgage and home insurance.

This scenario was the best case scenario for many landlords and property investors for many years, until the rise of short term rentals became more popular.? Now, with short term rentals, would-be landlords have the option to lease their property to people looking for a short-term lease and earn approximately 2-3x more in earning potential from the same property than they would’ve received listing their property for rent in their local market.? The only challenge with short term rentals is: how to ensure a flow of customers which will enable you to earn 2-3x in rental profits than the closest alternative?

Short Term Rental Property Resources

With the rise of the short term rental property market, resources are being more and more popular.? Coinciding with rising trend, new technology advances such as the rise of home automation tools, enhance the attractiveness of renting your property on a short-term basis while maintaining full-control of your property.

In addition, access to experts such as short term rental property management panies and training programs aimed just for setting up your property for short-term rentals are being more accessible to the everyday landlord.? Regardless for where your property is located in the United States, there is likely a nationwide market that is considering staying at your property on a short-term basis on sites such as AirBNB and VRBO.? It’s all about assembling the right processes in order to maximize your profits from this type of setup with your property.

Outlook for B&B Rentals

The outlook for b&b rentals is promising as more and more people are being more accustomed to this type of solution for travel, and the stigma for staying in someone’s house– rather than staying in a hotel– is being more monplace.? The homeowners that are able to put together the right processes and teams are the ones that will be able to maximize the profits for renting their homes– rather than selling the home– and these are the people that will benefit from earning 200-300% more profits (and sometimes more!) by renting their properties on a short-term basis.

Have you experienced an AirBNB lately?? Do you still feel its better to sell rather than lease your property?? Let me know by using the contact form, and I’d love to hear your feedback!

What Do Real Estate Agents Do On A Daily Basis?

A real estate agent is someone who is qualified professional and buys, leases, manages or sells property on the behalf of a client. This property could be land that is underdeveloped, residential, mercial, or even industrial. They are their own boss and this allows for flexibility and they can do their work anywhere in the word.

It is important to understand the role of the agents since they are the ones who will be in touch with prospective buyers on your behalf at high levels as well as acting as brokers.

These are some of the things that they do on a daily basis.

1. Drafting and Preparing Paperwork

The agents keep up with the laws and regulations put in place in the field of land and property. There is paperwork that es with buying and selling land such as listings for the homes that are on sale which will be shared with other brokers in order to sell property, disclosure items, documents and transactions report paperwork. It is important as an agent to organized because this helps you prevent loss of paperwork or confusion and making errors when managing a client’s property for them.

2. Developing Business Leads

Since an agent has been tasked with finding buyers for their clients, it is their responsibility to find their own leads. This can be done by personally reaching out to potential buyers via emails or showcasing the property on online platforms such as Facebook where buyers can find them and inquire price range and other questions they may have.

Mouth to mouth outreach of fellow agents and asking them to keep an eye out for people looking to buy the same type of property that they are selling is also another way to find buyers. This is done as a favor which an agent can return by giving out space on their website for example.

3. Assisting Buyers and Property Shows

The agents will also interact directly with the buyers and explain to them in detail about the property that they are selling. This may be done by arranging for open houses or showings and also staging properties.

4. Delivering Outstanding Customer Service

As an agent, good relations with your clients and the buyers are paramount. Paying attention to the little details and be friendly and nice as well as patient with them. Some agents even buy pizzas and soft drinks or other forms of treats for customers when meeting with them to go over the details of the projects. Remembering names is also important and giving your client satisfactory services that makes them happy enough to want to hire the agent again or even remend them to friends or relatives.

5. Tracking and Advancing Business Objectives

Being a real estate agent successfully relies on being a good salesman. Agents need to be good with sales since they rely on that in order to sell property. Paying attention to how long it takes for an agent to sell a home and whether or not they are meeting their set target or goals is also something else that agents do everyday.

Are you interested in being a real estate agent? If so, tell us about it. Maybe we can help!

Six Responsibilities of a Property Management pany You Should Know

A property management pany is hired to see beyond the horizon of real estate operations for landlords. They control the daily operations for a rental property. Being In control es in hand with some responsibilities. The six most important responsibilities you should know are:

Rent Responsibilities

A property management pany handles the rent on behalf of the landlord. They should set the rent prices and when the need arises, adjust them accordingly. Being in control they should set a deadline for rent payment and penalize delayed payments.

Managing Tenants

The management pany acts as an intermediary between the landlord and the tenant. lt’s their responsibility to handle emergencies, plaints and move outs. They should always ensure that all vacancies are filled up within no time. An added benefit for those that require property management near myrtle beach is that the property manager will also ensure that your home hasn’t taken on any water, which is a regular occurrence during hurricane season.

Having the premises full is not the end, there should be tenant screening to know if they’re criminals. This will help to create a good image of the premises to other people and keep the tenants living there feeling safe. Upon handling leases they should ensure that the tenant has renter’s insurance as a way of protecting the landlord’s property.

Responsible for Maintenance of the Property

The property should always be maintained in good condition and should always be safe for tenants. Some activities involved in property maintenance are cleaning and draining gutters and drainage, ensuring all security lights are functional, removing trash from the premises and always check for leaks. In case of any problem, repairs should be made immediately. Property panies should have a good connection with electricians, carpenters, and plumbers in order to fix problems as soon as they arise. Along with property maintenance, the property management will always ensure that vacant rooms are locked. This will prevent the vacant room from being misused by tenants or outsiders.

Manage Budgets and Maintain Records

This task belongs to the property managers. They should ensure that they operate within the set budget. In case there are emergencies, either for the tenants or for the property itself, they have the right to use funds set aside on the budget to handle emergencies. Also they should keep records for activities concerning the property. The records must include both the ine and the expenses. More details about the records should be records of rent collection, cost of repairs and maintenance, insurance payments and other costs upon handling tenants plaints.

Property and Personnel Supervision

It’s the property manager’s duty to supervise the property. He should ensure everything is in good condition and has the authority to impose fines to those who mishandle the property and to report crimes that happen on the property. Luckily, for those that need property management near easley sc, the crime rate is so low that there’s little risk of crime happening on your property, but it could also be tenant related. For example, if a tenant breaks a window or door, the property manager is responsible for fining them before they move out of the premises. On the other hand personnel supervision are employees working for the good or betterment of a particular property. They can be security or cleaning personnel. A property manager hires them, set their salaries, pays them, and relieves them from their duties if they are under performing or not performing at all. He should ensure that they report to work at the expected time and utilize their work hours.

Beware of Landlord – Tenant Law

A property manager having been put in control of this property, he should have a clear understanding of the national landlord-tenant law. He should know the proper ways to terminate a tenant’s lease, how to set and manage security deposits, and how to screen a tenant before accepting them to the property.


It’s of importance to hire property management panies for your property. It’s evident how important their role is to best manage your property. Having hired them as a landlord you reduce almost all duties of your property down to a certain fee that you agree on with them. It’s really the best of both worlds, making money as the owner, and having a another pany be responsible for all the day to day details.

Have you had experience with a property manager or have you used one for one of your properties? We would love to hear from you and learn from your experiences as well.

Types of mercial Real Estate Jobs

What is mercial real estate? If you are reading this after searching over the internet, you definitely know what mercial real estate is. However for the sake of our new readership, mercial real estate is a property that is owned for the purpose of generating ine. There are several types of mercial real estate which include: Retails, hotels, residential apartments, office buildings and Industrial property.

mercial real estate is one of the major categories of real estate. In this article, we will be digging into some of the jobs associated with mercial real estate and their qualification needs. Generally speaking, all jobs require a certain level of qualification and mercial real estate is no exception.

mercial real estate jobs cover a wide scope ranging from entry-level jobs, which require little or no qualification, nor experience, to top level management jobs that have high qualification needs. To work in mercial real estate, one has to fall under one of the following categories: 1. Construction Workers, 2. Real Estate Agent, 3. Seller Agent, 4. Buyer Agent.

1. Construction Workers

Without the construction work force, mercial real estate would not be in existence. This is part of the real estate industry that is responsible of designing and constructing new buildings to be used as mercial real estate. Construction workers include engineers and casual laborers who do the heavy lifting during construction.

2. Real Estate Agents

Another group that forms a big part of the mercial real estate jobs are the real estate agents. These agents take upon themselves the responsibility of buying and selling properties on behalf of homeowners, businesses and investors.

Real estate agents can be broken down further into two groups. That is, the seller agent and the buyer agent. The main difference between the seller and buyer agent lies in who they represent. A seller agent helps in finding buyers for property owners whereas a buyer agent helps a client to find a property that suits their needs.

3. Seller Agent

Seller agents need to have skills in marketing. This is because they are more focused on closing sales as that is their main mandate. A seller agent can be an individual or an organization that assumes an organization structure. In the case of an organization, several job posts will be available because an organization structure will imitate the management pyramid which consists of the executives, managers and functional workers who are found at the bottom of the pyramid.

4. Buyer Agent

Similarly, a buyer agent can be an individual or an organization. However, while the seller agent is a skillful marketer, a buyer agent is focused on research and bargaining affordable properties for their clients. In conclusion, mercial real estate jobs are structured to fit organizational requirements. mercial real estate panies have posts for managers, accountants, and IT specialists among others which are tailored to meet their specific needs.

Where to Find These Jobs

These jobs can be found on online job listing sites depending on your location or in newspaper job listings. As we said earlier, qualifications depend on the job that one is interested in. From entry-level jobs to executive positions, all can be found in the mercial real estate industry. Which of the above categories interests you the most?

This Uping Real Estate Market is Going to Be Hot!

Hello Again

Hello everyone! I wanted to write a brief article to talk about how I’m very excited about this uping real estate market season. Homes are really starting to heat up and I believe this year the real estate market will be better than previous years. There seems to more buyers than sellers again this year so you need to act fast when you find a home you really like.

Keep Me In Mind for Your Real Estate

Let me make a shameless plug and tell everyone out there who is trying to sell a home, or buy one for that matter, that I’m here and to please let me know how I can assist you in selling your home. I also have made it a habit to e to prospective client’s homes and to provide my opinion on what the homeowner should update in order to get the most value out of their home.

I have an extensive network of appraisers and contractors that I use on a regular basis if you need a referral to get an appraisal or to make the much needed changes to your home. I take pride in helping my munity with their real estate asset.

I also have many checklists I can send you that help keep track of the recent changes you’ve made to your home and especially which changes really make a difference in home value. Every season buyers are looking for slightly different things in a home and it helps to be aware of the current trends prior to you putting your home on the market.

For Those Who Want to Purchase Real Estate, I’m a Buyer’s Agent Too!

Let me speak now to those wanting to purchase a home. If you haven’t already selected a real estate seller’s agent I am currently taking on new clients. I have many years in the real estate business and have sold many homes throughout my career. The first step is to contact me and I will get to know what types of requirements you want in a home, what areas you already like, other neighborhood attributes like schools, hospitals, highway access etc. and then I will send you a list of homes that will fit your criteria. We would then work together to identify what you like about each of the potential homes and let me hone in again on other listings.

I really do enjoy helping others find their “home.” After all, a home is more than just a structure, it’s a feeling as well.

I won’t make this post too long but wanted to reach out to my munity and tell them that this will be another exciting year in the real estate market and to keep me in mind for either or buyer or seller agent. Let me work for you and speed up your home buying/selling process. If you’re interested please contact me here and I’ll be in touch shortly. Have a great rest of your week and stay safe out there!

The Best Time to List Your Home for Sale


The real estate business is booming. More and more people are venturing into this lucrative business to reap the big profits. Home sales are on the rise all over the country and builders are enjoying good proceeds. A good number of people have decided to venture into this business and it’s important to note that there are good times when you can list your house on sale and realize good profits.

Pick the Best Time

As a business person it’s important to note that there are times when business is good and times when business is not good. For those who sell houses below are some of those best timings when you can list your house for sale and make good profits out of it.

The best time to put your house on the market is during the spring period. During this time buyers are out in full force and ready to spend a good amount of money for a nice home.

The warm weather during this season offers a nice moment for buyers to venture out and look for houses to buy. During winter it’s a difficult time due to the cold weather experienced thus locking many buyers out. Most people also look forward to this period to buy a home so that when schools close they will be ready for the new school year calendar. Don’t forget to fill out your “home selling checklist” prior to your real estate agent showing up at your home.

More Buyers than Sellers

Spring is the time to list your home because there are more buyers on the market than sellers. This makes it a good time for sellers to maximize profits on the market due to the large number of buyers looking for homes to buy.

Thursday is the best day of the week if you’re looking to list your house for sale. This important because Saturday is always an important day to the real estate industry. This is when more people go online to find a new homes. After putting your house for sale on a Thursday, it means that when the Saturday es your house will just have been listed for two days. With fewer days on the listing you stand a high chance to sell your house at a good price.

Fall Is Also a Great Time to List Your House

Autumn is also a good time to list your house on the market for sale. People are usually back from their holidays and children back to school. Most parents will tend to use this period as an opportune time to go house hunting. Although it may not be as successful as the spring period. It’s important to note that once you list your house for sale do not let it go beyond mid-November. At this time we are heading into winter and you don’t want to have your house listed during this period, because it may go for a long period of time without attracting any potential customer. Eventually people will lose interest in your house thinking there is a problem with it.


For those who want to sell their homes, spring is the most promising period. This is when you need to put your house on the market and make good money out of it. This doesn’t mean that you cannot sell your house any other time but it’s the period when the industry flourishes and you won’t make a loss out of the sales you make.

Did you end up selling your home in the spring or fall period? Let us know.

7 Things To Know About Open House Sign In Sheet

In the real estate business, nothing is more vital than information and a good relationship between the real estate agent and his customers. That is why, a converting Open House Sign In Sheet plays an important role in gathering information and helps in the establishment of professional relationships. The main purpose of this document is to protect the interests of the owner while getting them to relax and get fortable so that they can share without fear their contact information.

1) Ample Opportunities

By applying this technique real estate agents significantly boost their chances of success when striking a deal with potential customers. And even if they do not manage to acplish their initial goal of buying or selling, they still world be able to establish a certain bond with their customers, which may prove useful in the future. There is much to gain from this endeavor, and little to lose in actuality.

2) The Right Time and Place

Most real estate agents will use cheap tactics and tricks in order to sell a given property in the quickest manner possible. But those who are wise enough to realize, that fort and charm are half the deal, get a larger success rate. That is why usually an Open House Sign in Sheet is used strategically on weekends, when people are not going to work and have free time on their hands. Due to the certain quantity of fort that the real estate agent provides, it is more likely that the customers will buy.

3) The advantage of open house viewings

Not only is it easier for the estate agent to gather more people at once, then to wait for them one by one, but there is also the key factor of petition. The problem with buyers in a situation of pressure and tension, due to the petitive nature of humans, is that they will more easily succumb to the influence of their primal selves. That means, that they will be more willing to pay, way more than they initially intended.

4) Remendations for Templates

Every document has a given basic basis, which is the very core of that document. An Open House Sign Sheet is no exception to that rule. So here are a few of the pieces of information you need on the sign in sheet.

  • Name of the customer
  • Current address of the customer
  • Contact number of the customer
  • Customer’s email address

5) Additional survey

By additional survey, it is meant that you bine your simple templates with a given survey. The point of that is to remove all suspicion and simple questions out of the way, so that more detailed ones e into play, when necessary. For instance, some of the questions are ‘Have you been granted consent for a loan?”or “What preferences does one have in terms of the property one seeks?” Another piece of advice is to use statements with tick boxes next to them, because questions with open answers are off pulling. Keep it simple but smart!

6) Add depth

A detailed template is another viable option, but with higher chance of risk. As stated before, usually people prefer to keep things simple, but when one adds a layer of depth into ones work, the game is on. High risk, high reward. Here the real estate agent needs to be a bit more persuasive. In order to gain additional helpful information. For example, one may ask about if the customer has any form of a timeline for purchase or if they are either interested in buying or selling. This way you are prompting the customer to reveal himself and his intentions. “Do or do not, there is no try!”

7) Tips on Convincing your Customers

The main idea is that the real estate agent needs to be frank and honest with his customers, because it is only natural that they will respond with the same, if given the chance. This is how the estate agent will convince them to fill out the Open House Sign In Sheet. Another tip is to keep them interested, make tempting offers, but do not exaggerate to the point of no pensation. Explain to them every detail, and for what will their information be used for. And last but not least, convince them that they will need this deal. Of course, that does not mean to push them or be generally impudent, that is not the proper way. In order to succeed, exploit their desires intelligently.


In conclusion, all of the aforementioned factors are essential for the success of the Open House Sign In Sheet, and by success I mean the ability to convince one’s customers to fill out the form. Most certainly it will not be easy, but as with everything in life, one step at a time. The real estate business is no exception. These seven steps, are the very core of this strategy. A potential formula for success broken down to seven simple steps.

Drop us a line and tell me if you have other factors that should be considered. Happy property hunting!

How to Get a Real Estate License – The Easy Way

If you are thinking about venturing into the unknown world of getting your real estate license, you have thankfully e to the right place! I will teach you the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get your license and being on your way to a fantastic career in no time.

You are going to want to venture over to realestateexpress.. This is going to be the foundation of getting your license. The site is very organized and easy to use. The first thing you are going to want to do is enter your state and which courses you are wanting to take during this process. There will be four different packages you can choose from, making sure you get the best one that fits your needs. These courses are designed to allow you to retain information and learn at a fast paced level. Do not worry, there is a pass or do not pay guarantee. This site is so sure of their way of getting you on track that if you do not pass your exams, you do not have to worry about paying them. For anyone that knows anything about real estate, that is a promise that you cannot pass up!

Each course is separated by each specific target that you will need to learn in order to be a prime realtor, that way you do not have everything thrown at you during one time period. You are also able to retain the information at your own pace. All of the books are done online and can be downloaded directly to your puter or mobile device for easy access all the time. Whether you are at home or on the go, getting your real estate license has never been so simple.The course work is also pletely online, giving you the freedom to master this trade with the freedom of your own time.

After you get your license there are other classes offered, to make sure that you know everything there is possible to know about your new job. When it es to this profession, you can never know too much. The more you know, the better chance you will have with closing more deals than ever.

Now, not everything you know can be learned in a classroom environment, hands on learning is something that will be beneficial to your growth once you get out into the field, but this path will get you the peace of mind you need to advance into that next step of this career. Of course, getting your real estate license is going to be most dependent on your hard work and dedication, but lucky for you, you have the best support to help you walk through this process with Real Estate Express! It is important to remember that each state is going to have their own separate rules and regulations that you will have to follow depending on where you live. Make sure that you look into those and make sure that each is met upon finishing this course- the first step in being an amazing realtor, is knowing all the details! Good luck on your venture and may you have a lifetime of success down this path!